Server Configuration / Installation

Configuring and maintaining Server Operating Systems and hardware is critical to business. Stafford Associates has trained professionals and a wide variety of vendors with certifications from each to ensure the proper setup of all types of servers.

Whether it is a Microsoft Domain Controller, Active Directory, Exchange, DNS, DHCP, IIS, Apple’s Collaborative Services, Wiki, Blog, Fileserver or Backup server, Stafford Associates has the staff required to build, install, configure and maintain virtually any kind of server. Very often, the server itself is the only thing considered when in fact, there is much more to consider.

Installation of a network and server environment forces us to consider where these components will be installed, how secure will they be from prying eyes and hands, will they be in a climate controlled room with ample electricity to accommodate the servers, the battery backups and the air conditioning? Other considerations may include the possibility of adding services in the future, expandability and scalability.

Integrating multiple platforms into one cohesive network has its challenges but also has some significant rewards if done correctly. It is possible to have Macintosh clients authenticate to a Microsoft Active Directory server via Kerberos to allow for single sign on for all resources on the network. At the same time, Apple’s Open Directory server can handle the client management. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Exchange server will deliver email to the entire company. Your client machines may even be mixed as well.  So your accountants can continue to use their Windows boxes, your marketing department can use the industry standard Mac programs, your engineers can use the latest Windows 10 boxes with the latest AutoCAD installed and your HR department can use the Windows 7 machines that were purchased 3 years ago. And they can all run on the same network, access the same resources and enjoy the same quality of service no matter what platform you're on.

Server Configuration / Installation

It is also common to have employees work from home or out of the office. Luckily, Stafford Associates’ trained professionals can also setup a VPN for employees to access data from outside their office network. File servers can be just as accessible from home as they are in the office. Now that smart phones are becoming much more common, your business can offer all of the benefits that the iPhone or the new Android platforms offer. Deploying these handsets could also become quite a daunting task. But if done correctly, your company can experience a smooth workflow and increased productivity from your employees.

Technology is not without its caveats. Spyware and viruses must constantly be guarded against. Data backups must be part of every server configuration plan. Ongoing support and maintenance is inevitable. The more preventative maintenance you do, the less likely there is for a disaster. It is imperative to update your OS, apply updates and patches in a timely manner and to monitor system stats. No two networks are exactly the same but Stafford Associates is constantly on the forefront of IT management.