Stafford Associates provides PCI Data Security and Assurance services based on the latest PCI Data Security Standards that are customizable to meet any PCI compliance standards that your organization must satisfy

PCI Compliant Service

At the core of our PCI Compliant Service offerings is Stafford Associates’ Change Management Process, that incorporates changes to hardware, network devices, operating systems, and mission critical applications as required to meet mission critical demands as well as all levels of PCI standards. Our PCI Data Security Services are backed by our intrusion detection and monitoring hardware and software, by change monitoring software from Cisco.

For complete Data Security we provide intrusion detection, immediate response to identified issues, all back by the Stafford Associates’ Computer Security Intrusion Response Team (CSIRT). We also provide encrypted backup of your PCI and non PCI Data as well as a whole range of solutions from email to remote network monitoring.

In today’s world securing your information assets, whether it be PCI Data or your normal business resource data, requires 24/7/365 vigilance.

The threats to your information assets are smarter, better organized, and more targeted than ever before, that is why the credit card industry has developed the PCI DSS. For you to meet these threats and become or remain PCI Compliant requires you to secure your data assets.

Stafford Associates ’ PCI Data Security can provide you with premier system security & management to meet all your PCI compliance and regulatory needs.

What is PCI DSS Compliance?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security practices set forth by American Express, Discover, Japan Central Bank, MasterCard, and VISA (PCI DSS VISA) to protect cardholder data.

It is an industry-established policy requiring compliance by all merchants and service providers that store, process, or transmit cardholder data. PCI Compliance is now a standard for merchants.

Separate and distinct from the mandate to comply with the PCI Data Security Standard is the validation of compliance whereby service providers like Stafford Associates verify and demonstrate their PCI Compliance status.

It is a fundamental and critical function that identifies and corrects vulnerabilities, and protects customers by ensuring that appropriate levels of cardholder information security are maintained.

We can provide a detailed report of you PCI Compliance based on your adherence to the PCI Data Security Standards.

Our network conforms to PCI Compliant Security Standards.

Secure PCI Compliant Hosting Network

Our PCI Compliant Hosting service features dual tiered application firewall and network IDS used to protect credit card information and insure PCI Compliance. Our hosting service is fully PCI Compliant, that is, PCI Compliant Hosting.

Cardholder Data Protection.

Protection of stored cardholder data and encrypted transmission of cardholder data across open networks is now a must under PCI DSS. For vulnerability management, we use and regularly update anti-virus software, develop secure applications, and maintain secure systems which provide PCI Compliance. Remember, we are a confirmed PCI Compliant Hosting site.

Access Control.

Restricted access to cardholder data and assigned dual factor tokens to each person with remote access to our PCI Compliant Hosting Server. This is part of Managed PCI Hosting. Again, this is part of PCI DSS.

Monitor and Test Networks to Insure PCI Compliance.

Monitoring of all access to network resources and cardholder data and regularly test security systems and processes to insure PCI Compliance. This again is part of the PCI DSS.

PCI DSS Compliance security standards have grown more demanding in recent years and Stafford Associates can help you comply with every part of the PCI code. We have extensive experience working with clients to meet the most demanding PCI Compliance security standards. Stafford Associates is PCI Compliant.

We have developed a wide range of PCI Compliant services to meet PCI Compliance security standards and the needs of the regulated marketplace including regulated and managed hosting services, application development, and consulting services. Our PCI Hosting Service can provide PCI security to your critical data.

PCI Compliance security standards have requirements not just for application and server operations, but application development as well. Production data is never applied in a development environment and our PCI DSS compliant development methodology is driven by our client’s business needs and Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guidelines.


PCI Compliant Application Services

Stafford Associates' Application Services Team has extensive experience developing Web based and client server based applications using a variety of technologies in many vertical markets. They have expertise in developing PCI Applications, having many years of design and programming experience. PCI standards have requirements not just for application and server operations, but application development as well. Our team of designers and programmers can provide you with PCI Compliant applications. Stafford Associates does not use production data in a development environment in order to maintain strict PCI Development Standards. Stafford Associates’ development methodology is driven by our client’s business needs and Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) guidelines.

Stafford Associates has a large corporate client base that includes an array of businesses and institutions such as, Not-For-Profit organizations, retail businesses, advertising firms, communications companies, consulting firms, major banking companies, as well as schools and governmental institutions. Especially with our banking and financial clients that incorporate PCI standards in their business model; we provide these institutions with PCI compliant application services.

Application architecture and development processes and the choice of the most appropriate development tools are a crucial part of providing speedy development, reduction in total costs, and mitigation of risk, acceleration of the transition into new technologies, maximizing productivity, and the improvement of product efficiency.

Also, built into the development process is a range of testing and security architecture to insure PCI compliance. The architectures that we provide include solutions that are constructed utilizing a variety of development technologies to meet your needs. Stafford Associates is at the cutting edge of web development and we place a strong emphasis on testing and data security.

  • Full content scanning of message and attachments
  • Centralized policy management
  • Automatic retrieval and distribution of public encryption keys through ZixDirectory, the largest email encryption directory in the world
  • Corporate-defined policy management
  • Flexible reporting capabilities
  • Custom branding
  • Message and attachment compression
  • Interoperability with S/MIME and OpenPGP
  • Support of TLS and SSL protocols
  • Secure receive and reply for all recipients
  • Creation of certified receipts and non-refutable time stamps
  • Java
  • C++/C
  • PHP / Symphony CodeIgniter
  • Ruby / Rails
  • JavaScript jquery node.js mootools
  • Perl
  • Unix Shell
  • Windows PowerShell
  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • Google Go
  • Responsive Technologies
  • Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL SSIS SSRS SSAS
  • Oracle PL-SQL
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft (MS Access)
  • NoSQL - Splunk
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • AngularJS
  • Knockout
  • Bootstrap

PCI Compliant Ecommerce Solutions

Are you ready to take your business into the web marketplace? Is ecommerce a business goal? Remember, if you’re not exploiting the web as a business tool, chances are your competition is. Stafford Associates has the knowledge and experience to help you move your product line or service offerings to the World Wide Web with our PCI Compliant ecommerce solutions.

We can introduce shopping cart functionality and credit card processing to your website using our trusted standard PCI Complaint ecommerce storefront software; or if your ecommerce solution needs are more unique and specific, our highly trained development team can design a customized solution from the ground-up to meet all of you requirements.

PCI Compliant Service graphic. Secure data

Not only does each of Stafford Associates’ methods of ecommerce cover the basic authentication and capture of transactions, but they will also keep your site in compliance with the PCI regulatory standards when obtaining credit card and other personal identification information.

The Web is public, your data can not be; data security is a vital necessity as well as a PCI requirement if you are going to do business on the Internet.

Stafford Associates will provide your internet business with ecommerce solutions that will insure data security and data integrity and insure your PCI compliancy.