Experience seamless communication with Stafford Associates' VOIP Phone services. Take calls on your cell phone transferred by your secretary who dialed your extension or record phone calls directly to your computer. Our IP phone service allows you to take your office desk phone home and plug it into your home network, making you available to the rest of your team. With the ability to create conference calls with up to 10 people around the world, our VoIP solutions offer a range of attractive features for your business.

VoIP is an affordable solution for SMBs that comes with a wide range of features. Since voice and data run over the same network, infrastructure costs can be significantly reduced. But it is crucial to have a network that is set up for this and that Quality of Service is strictly maintained.

At Stafford Associates, we are certified in Allworx and Cisco and provide top-notch communication systems to a variety of customers.

VoIP [Voice over IP]

We can integrate older POTs lines with newer digital lines and offer unified messaging, voice over internet, multi-site integration, presence management, and full PBX systems.

Choose us for seamless communication and enhanced productivity.

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