Network Cabling & Wireless Services

Cabling is the backbone of your network. If it isn’t up to code or isn’t installed properly, the network can consistently experience problems and never work at optimum throughput. Stafford Associates has the experience, certification and equipment necessary to test and install every kind of cabling option. Whether it is copper CAT5e, CAT6 or Fiber connecting two distant locations to form one large network, indoor or outdoor, Stafford Associates has the expertise.

Building the network that your business will run on requires that all expectations of the network are considered. Depending on the type of data that is expected to run over these lines, Stafford Associates will determine the best kind of cables to meet these requirements.

WiFi / Wireless Network Installation

Most people use wireless connections on a daily basis. Home wireless networks are very common and fairly simple to setup. There isn’t too much to consider when setting up a home wireless network. At most, a good password is all that is setup to protect the clients inside the network. Enterprise wireless networks are much more complicated.

Wireless networks have a tremendous potential for being a security risk. It is important that the proper security concerns are met. It is also important to know what kind of data is allowed over the wireless network. For instance, perhaps you want to allow only web access through the wireless network and keep your internal servers off the wireless network. Or maybe you’d like your printers on the wireless network and restrict access to the wireless network with something more than just a password.

Wireless networks are very convenient in locations where running cables is either impossible or cost prohibitive.  Stafford Associates can offer wireless solutions to companies for their internal use or for a convenience for their customers.Whatever your wireless needs may be Stafford Asssociates will make wireless work for you.

Financial Services

Financial-services firms can give mobile employees instant access to industry trends, customer data, and financial information, helping firms dramatically improve customer service and more quickly deliver products and services.


Caregivers can access real-time patient information or medical research from the patient bedside to make more accurate decisions more quickly and continue providing quality healthcare. Wireless LANs also help to track valuable medical equipment for security and timely availability.


Wireless access to the networked supply chain helps manufacturers allow employees to share real-time data on the factory floor and support timely assembly.

Retail Services

Wireless networks help retailers improve store staff flexibility and efficiency, check out customers faster, and give customers access to relevant promotions, product information, and online ordering.